Welcome to Gutter and Patio Warehouse Company

We would like to welcome you to Gutter and Patio Warehouse Company where we offer Quality Building Products For Owner Enjoyment, Safety and Comfort. Located in Macon, Georgia, Gutter and Patio Warehouse Company is a distributor of products to building contractors and people who may own or manage property.

Our Goal Is To...

Meet contractors' immediate needs for a broad range of aluminum building products from inventory and be no further than ten days away from custom products while building long term relationships with these contractors.

At Gutter and Patio Warehouse Company we fly in the face of conventional wisdom and are all about meeting the needs of contractors. Our philosophy in selling items is for the contractor to buy only what they need at that moment rather than forcing them to buy more inventory than a job requires. We place a heavy emphasis on structural and design consulting to assist contractors in determining their material requirements. If a non-standard material or size is required the time from placing a special order until arrival on our floor is always kept at a minimal.

While our products are primarily available for contractors, we are vitally interested in providing them to others who may need them. This includes homeowners, do it yourselfers, commercial building owners, and property management companies.

Please use our website as a source to see the quality gutter and patio products we have available. You will also find a list of manufacturers with whom the company has exclusive distribution arrangements. Please use their sites for as a tool to see additional items. For questions please call us today at 478-788-9967. For an up-close and personal look, we invite you to visit our showroom.